Snow Globe Tattoos: Beaches And Deserts

These bright snow globe tattoos are the homes of dry and dusty deserts and beaches!
Snow globes are charming objects that contain miniature scenes inside. Despite being called ‘snow’ globes, they're not all snowy and can be used in tattoo art to portray a variety of scenes and landscapes. 

We've looked at snowy scenes (part 1) and colourful castles (part 2)... today let's get heated with some sunny and sandy desert and beach snow globes!
Calafornia beach by Brandon Huckabey (Instagram @brandonhuckabey).
Beach scene tattoo by Lee Poole, Leicester, UK (Instagram @inkfetish666).
Hawaiian snow globe - Aloha! By Instagram @juliazombitattoo, Valencia.
Sunny palm tree scene tattoo by Luke Smith (Instagram @lukejamessmith).
Desert snow globe by Melanie Milne (Instagram @melaniemilnetattoos).
Canyon snow globe tattoo by Melanie Milne (Instagram @melaniemilnetattoos).
Beach scene by Melanie Milne (Instagram @melaniemilnetattoos).
Teepee, UFO and animal skull make a cool snow globe tattoo by Instagram @nixxin_tattoo.