Spotlight: Amazing Realism By James Tattooart

Spotlight: Amazing Realism By James Tattooart

James TattooArt is your man if you are crazy about photo realistic tattoos and classic movie references...
The artist.
Award-winning tattoo artist James TattooArt has some mad skills. Born in Hungary, the young James completed his self-made tattoo instruction with famous Hungarian tattoo artist Zsolt Sárközi. Now working at Celtic Moon Tattoo shop in Budapest, he is specializing in amazing photo realism. He achieves fantastic portraits of celebs, from popular TV shows to classic movies. He also gives your loved one an eternal place on your skin. James TattooArt masters color, black and grey and can add cool fantasy twists to your tattoos. You can meet him worldwide in prestigious international tattoo conventions or through his Facebook page.
Cool Joker!
Amazing child portrait...
Gone with the Wind epic piece...
Fantastic backpiece!
Hindu mythology backpiece.
Sweet mermaid.
St Michael.
Hollywood's Christ.
Terrific Bon Scott tribute!
Gorgeous portrait.
Alice in Wonderland.
Audrey Hepburn.
Admirable fox and forest backpiece.
Angelina Jolie is an angel...
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