Spotlight: Blue Fantasy By Piotr Cwiek

Spotlight: Blue Fantasy By Piotr Cwiek

If you are blue, cheer yourself with gorgeous Piotr Cwiek tattoos...
Piotr Cwiek is a tattoo artist of Polish origins, based in United Kingdom. He is operating from the Southmead Tattoo Studio of Bristol. Piotr specializes in dark and fantasy realism, from skulls, geek art and eye-candy portraits. He mixes dark and grey technique with vivid colors such as a distinctive turquoise blue. If you love what you are seeing, you can get more inspiration and contact Piotr Cwiek via his Facebook page or Instagram account. Enjoy!
Star Wars epicness.
Badass Yoda!
Mysterious piece.
Enticing portrait.
Wolf cowl.
Terrific skull.
Another one.
Some rad tattoos by Piotr Cwiek!
Cathedral skull.
Octopus skull.
Stunning portrait!
Cool dragon.
Red Sin City piece.
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