Spotlight: Elegant Ornamental Tattoos By Alex Bawn

Spotlight: Elegant Ornamental Tattoos By Alex Bawn

Alexandra Bawn, most famous as Alex Bawn, is a British tattoo artist that creates intricate and charming ornamental tattoos.
She plays with traditional lines inspired by Mehndi art and sacred geometry, as well as dotwork and blackwork, to create elegant designs. Following the curves of the body, Alexandra's tattoos adorn skins just like ink jewels. Her nape tattoos are especially refined, with superb details.
She is also doing tasteful solar plexus tattoos (the so-called underboob pieces). If you are living near Hull, in United Kingdom, the young lady is working here from January 2016.
Awesome matching leg pieces!
A cool blackwork twist on mandalas.
Now, these are famous tattoos from Alex Bawn...
Alex does refined nape tattoos to die for...
As well as the so-called underboob tattoos by Alex Bawn
Charming matching tattoos.
Fancy hand piece by Alex Bawn
Lovely chandelier mandala.
Incredible back tattoo...
Beautiful ornament back tattoo
Gorgeous filigree tattoos!
Love this one.
Elegance is on the details...
Delicate necklace tattoo by Alex Bawn
Nice blackwork tree.
If you don't have the chance to travel, you can still admire her creations on Facebook and Instagram...
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