Tattoo Artist Lucy Blue (Part 1): 10 Cute Pop Culture Tattoos

Tattoo Artist Lucy Blue (Part 1): 10 Cute Pop Culture Tattoos

From TV tattoos to film and music references, here are 10 super cute pop culture tattoos by UK artist Lucy Blue!
The fabulous Lucy Blue tattoos at Blue Cardinal Tattoo Studio which is in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, UK.

I've admired her artwork since she started tattooing and have loved every single tattoo she has created! Her tattoos are delicate, fine and detailed whilst at the same time being bright, bold, colourful and original in their interpretation of the subject matter.

In three installments, I will be sharing what Lucy does best... today, here are her tattoos that have been inspired by popular culture characters or films.

You can buy prints from Lucy via her online shop, and email her for a booking at
Regina George from the movie Mean Girls. Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
Jurassic Park tattoo. Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
Meet UK tattoo artist Lucy Blue.
Spice Girls tattoo with 'zig-a-zig-a' lyric and Mean Girls movie quote (N.B. butter is NOT a carb). Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
Clueless tattoo - rollin' with the homies! Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
Definitely the best Spice Girl... Ginger Spice tattoo! Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
'Fight Like A Girl’ Sailor Moon tattoo.
Mad Max Furiosa tattoo
Veronica from Heathers tattoo (move characters played by Winona Ryder)
Sexy Malificent Pin Up tattoo. Photo from Instagram @lucybluetattoo.
‘No T, No Shade, No Pink Lemonade’ quote tattoo from Jasmine Masters off RuPaul’s Drag Race
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