The Dark Trash Realism Of Anrijs Straume

The Dark Trash Realism Of Anrijs Straume

We're going to pull you into the wickedly ravishing Dark Trash Realism style of Anrijs Straume. A dark, tasty treat.
Silence of the Lamb-inspired portrait
Anrijs Straume is a Latvian-born tattoo artist who is currently based in Liverpool. He started out with an informal tattooing apprenticeship in Latvia for a few years before moving to the UK to further his tattoo career. Throughout his years of practice, he began developing a distinct style, characterised by atmospheric horror elements and the macabre.
Personally, I list Anrijs Straume as one of the artists I look up to the most in the contemporary tattoo scene. He possesses the ability to take inspiration from something or someone and make it his own.
The Living Dead
Marilyn Munster
The evident scratches, forehead markings, and signs of decay are rarely ever missing from an Anrijs Straume piece. They're the details that gives them the edge that's truly his.
Feral infant
Anrijs Straume Lettering
Straume is also known for his distinct lettering, something people keep coming back to him for. It's this gothic font spliced with an urban graffiti type, outlined with thin markings.
WIP portrait
Straume lists horror artist Paul Acker as one of his biggest tattoo career influences.
A portrait of a client's wife
People go to him to Straume-ify popular icons like Mary Poppins, Albert Einstein, and various actors and musicians.
Mary Poppins
Lily Munster and Morticia Addams
Finn Wittrock
Mitch Lucker
Lana del Rey
Elvis Presley
Marilyn Manson
Bill Nye, Science Guy
Albert Einstein
Queen Elizabeth II
Especially loved this Queen Elizabeth II piece!
Disney's The Beast
Severus Snape
Vlad the Impaler
Zombie portrait by Straume, blackwork by Dan Molloy
Anrijs currently tattoos at Bold as Brass Tattoo in Liverpool, UK.
Anrijs Straume and wife, Monami Frost aka Irena Straume
Lana del Rey
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