The Dazzling And Dramatic Tattoos Of Greek Artist Uncl Paul Knows

The unparalleled tattoos of Greek tattoo artist Uncl Paul Knows are abstract, crazy and eye-catching!
Uncl Paul Knows is an Athens-based illustrator, tattooer and comic artist. 

He's got an approach to tattoo art like no other - using realistic imagery, negative space, bold lines and bright colours to create remarkable tattoos that are completely unique.

The depth and detail of the tattoos below are unmatched and distinctive in Uncl Paul Know's techniques and styles.

Based in Greece, but travelling to other studios all over the world, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram.
Stunning bird shoulder tattoo. Photo from
Nu-school style cat illustration tattoo. Artist: Uncl Paul Knows. Photo from
Epic abstract skateboard tattoo. Photo from
Yummy fruit tattoo! Photo from
Beautiful watercolour flower tattoo. Photo from
Red rose tattoo. Artist: Uncl Paul Knows. Photo from
Star Wars leg sleeve tattoo. Photo from
Stunning hand rose tattoo. Photo from
Camera tattoo with exceptional background pattern. Artist: Uncl Paul Knows. Photo from
This rose tattoo looks unreal. Artist: Uncl Paul Knows. Photo from
Grey and pink watercolour rose tattoo. Photo from