The Goddess Effect Of Gorgeous Silver Hair Paired With Tattoos

The Goddess Effect Of Gorgeous Silver Hair Paired With Tattoos

Inspire by Elfin princesses and Greek goddess. Beautiful images of girls with gorgeous silver hair and tattoos that adorn their bodies.
Nyane Lebajoa
If there's something as big as the temporary tattoo trend this year, it must be the silver hair or the ‘granny hair’ trend. Pastel hair may be all the rage the past couple years but this celestial hue really hit it big this year too. Gone were the days people pay visits to salons every month to cover up any trace of ageing.
At this point, we don't even mind if this is going to turn out as a fleeting trend we all look back on regrettably in ten years' time. Grey hair is glorious.
And like any other trend hair trend, the tattooed folks are really nailing it on this one. I find silver hair on a girl with gorgeous blackwork tattoos perfect.
Unknown Instagram photo
It works with pretty much any hair cut, from what we've seen.
From the point of view of an artist, silver hair reminds me of pixie, elfin creatures. Anything linked with the ethereal. Unlike the loud and bright colours straight from the spectrum of the rainbow some people are rocking these days, silver hair is something toned down but you can't miss it.
Awesome silver hair
Grey may come off as a “dead colour” but it's quite the contrary with hair.
You may go with icy, wavy, two-toned, and many other and it will still look gorgeous AF.
Beautiful silver hair
Even better if you've got this adorable pixie cut! Makes colouring hair an easier task.
Tattooed girl with silver hair
Make sure you do it right though. I spent all year trying to achieve that silver hair goddess look but I failed magnanimously. It either turns out greenish or back to bleached ash blonde.
This lovely lady over here went with an obre ombre of the cool shades of grey to pair with a dazzling smile.
Silver hair in dreads
While this one was a bit daring to put hers in dreads!
s kimberryberry/Tumblr
James Boyle
Grey hair isn't just reserved for the ladies, too! Calling all elfin princes out there!
The ravishing Proserpina, showing off her banging new sternum tattoo that easily matches with her beautiful grey waves.
Are you feeling the need to spend the winter with icy, grey locks as well?
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