The Graceful Tattoos Of French Artist Gael Ricci

Gael Ricci is a French tattooist and artist who is showcasing the beauty of tattooing through photography and videos.
Self-taught painter and tattooist Gael Ricci is based in Sainte-Maxime, France.

He has been part of art movements in France since the age of 17, and has developed innovative approaches to the French graffiti scene.

Now having stepped away from street art to pursue tattooing, his tattoos are considered beautiful and elegant forms of body art. As well as taking stunning, intimate photography of his tattoos, he's also a keen videographer - making series videos to show people about what it takes to create a piece of art (on, or off, the skin).

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Mandala tattoo.
Birds and skull tattoo.
Motorbike tattoo.
Intricate eye tattoo by Gael Ricci.
So many different images to spot in this detailed tattoo.
Delicate floral tattoo.
Abstract tattoo by Gael Ricci.
Dainty origami bird tattoos.
Dotwork owl tattoo.