The Majestic Neo-Traditional Portraits Of Chris Green

Manchester tattoo artist Chris Green takes on tattoo portraits in an original and eye-catching way.
UK tattoo artist Chris Green has been tattooing for 2 years. Based at Redwood Tattoo Studio in Manchester, Chris' individual style is strong, solid and very recognisable as his own.

His deep, dark neo-traditional technique takes any subject matter and turns it into magical tattoo art. Below are some my favourite portrait tattoos. The use of warm and pale colours side by side, beautiful shading and intricate details, all make Chris' tattoos creative, and truly unique.
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Tattoo by Chris Green.
Serpent woman tattoo
Witch and wolf tattoo
Ship tattoo
Peaky Blinders tattoo
Gypsy woman neck tattoo
Medusa tattoo on the neck by Chris Green.
Hand portraits
Hand tattoo
Tattoo print / artwork by Chris Green.