The Ultimate Guide To Neymar’S Tattoos

The Ultimate Guide To Neymar’S Tattoos

Come discover the football star Neymar’s 20-plus tattoos and their stories!
Nowadays tattoos are a big thing amongst football stars, each sporting their different designs and stories behind them. This time we bring you a tattoo guide of one of the worlds best players: Neymar!
Davi Lucca
"I have a tattoo for my son. I got it after he was born"
Toda Arma. E Toda Lingua... Bola Que É Sua... Que Não é Sua...
"Every Weapon. And Every Language... Your Ball... Not Your Ball", "It's a phrase we always say before every match. I decided to get it on my chest. It's for the love and consideration I have for my dad."
Tudo Passa
"Everything Passes", one of his most significant ones, "Good moments pass, bad moments pass. I have to enjoy these moments as much as I can. When you need to be happy, do thing well and give your all. This phrase says a lot about me."
Life is a Joke
"I identify a lot with this tattoo. Don't take life so seriously. You have to enjoy every moment. Life is serious, but not that serious."
Faz Parte da Minha Historia
"It's part of my story", "This one is the same one as three of my friends have. We all have the same design, but each one has a different phrase."
"Faith", Neymar is a very religious man
Queens crown on the left hand
"It's a Queen's crown. It's for when I get married!"
"I really like this one. My mum has it as well, so does my dad."
"It's my family. There are four of us. We have a lot of history together and I got this tattoo on my neck."
Sister's Portrait
"It's a photo she put up online. She didn't know I was going to get the tattoo. It took her a while to understand the significance, but after that she thanked me!"
Never Ending Love
Even though he got this one while dating the Brazilian Actress Bruna Marquezine, He says "I can't tell you about this one, it's a secret."
One of his first tattoos, his sister's name
Crown in the right hand
"At first it was a peace symbol, but with time it's been transformed into a ring."
"I was brought up with the church, my family is religious, I believe in God."
CORINTIOS 9;24-27 , Todos Correm
"Everyone runs."
"A homage to my mum and sister."
"Phrases from the bible. I read it every day."
Deus é Fiel
"God is loyal" He got this one after winning the Champions League.
Stay Strong
"All my tattoos are visible, I don't have any hidden."
Sister in Italian, his sister has a tattoo just like it that says "fratello", brother
Por vontade de Deus, somos irmãos
" By the will of god, we are brothers" A homage to his sister and for his friend Joclecio Amancio, "It's a phrase we have between the three of us."
After signing with Barcelona, many problems started rising in his life, so he copied Rihanna's famous tattoo, "I use it when I have a problem. It's to shut people up!"
Ousadia e Alegria
Bold and Happy, two words that describe him the most, "It is the tattoo which speaks most of me."
A ball and a boy.
Young Neymar
Miguel Rodrigues, the tattoo artist who made this one explains: "it's a young Neymar, looking back to where he came from"
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