To Infinity And Beyond With These 15 Toy Story Tattoos!

To Infinity And Beyond With These 15 Toy Story Tattoos!

Toy Story is a Pixar classic and these Toy Story tattoos put some of its best characters onto skin!
The first Toy Story film was released in 1995 and was a huge commercial success, it has since been followed by two other movies with another in the works. As the central and standout characters of the film Woody, a pull-string toy cowboy, and Buzz Lightyear, an astronaut action figure, are the biggest inspiration for most Toy Story tattoos. Although a few other characters have been known to look good in ink.
Toy Story tattoos are a popular choice for friendship tattoos and for those looking at getting a tattoo to share with someone close to them. They also make an awesome tattoo for someone who just loves Toy Story. So whether you want a tattoo to commemorate a friendship or just want a tattoo of your favorite toy cowboy Toy Story tattoos are a great way to go!!
Buzz Lightyear Tattoo by Fillipe Baeza
Awesome Rex Tattoo by Martink Tattoo
Slinky Tattoo by April-Nicole
Great Tattoo by Josh Briers
Brilliant Mrs Nesbitt Tattoo by Bex Lowe
unknown artist
Sweet Black and Grey Tattoo by Brian Gonzales
Fun Tattoo by Matthew Robinson
Awesome Work by Ben Carlisle
Toy Story Tattoo by Evan Jones
Creative Toy Story Tattoo by Matthew Robinson
Great Toy Story Tattoo by Paolo Murtas
Bold Rex Tattoo by Pete the Thief
Wheezy Tattoo by Matthew Robinson
Woody Tattoo by Dan Molloy
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