Unleash Your Inner Flower Child With These Lovely Dried Flower Tattoos

Flower power with these tricky-to-apply, yet undeniably lovely dried flower tattoos you may try out for that next, indie-feel photo shoot.
Verity Cumming/Oh Comely UK
Temporary tattoos were big this year. We've seen a wide range of faux tattoos even before Coachella started. There's Beyoncé's flash tattoo line, there's the lovely white henna-inspired temporary tattoos, and now, there are these dried flower “tattoos.” They actually made small waves early this year but weren't given too much attention when the metallic tattoos took over.
This isn't for everybody, though. Only try this if you'd like something organic that doesn't involve any kind of ink.
Verity Cumming/Oh Comely UK
Makeup artist Verity Cummings made use of dried flower tattoos on the cover of an Oh Comely issue 20. It was glorious.
Verity Cumming/Oh Comely UK
I love how indie and how unabashedly difficult the process is going to be. Most of you are probably preparing for winter season but I live somewhere tropical so it won't be much of a problem to find summer flowers for me. But, I don't own a car or anything so it's going to be pretty difficult trying to keep it in place in the subway.
Cosmopolitan UK
But anyways, if you're keen on giving this a try, by all means go for it. It's going to be a bit tricky but if you chose the right flower combinations, it's going to look fab.
Hattie Bottom
Honestly, it's not very practical but if you plan on rocking them at events such as weddings or gatherings with like-minded people, it will be pretty fun. This is also a good idea for photo shoots if you're looking to get some tattoo flavour in it without getting your hands smudged with ink.
Bustle put up the following video on YouTube and we find their tutorial the easiest to follow. All you need are some dried flowers, eyelash glue, and a pair of tweezers.
Flower power, baby!