10 Adorable Goldfish Tattoos

10 Adorable Goldfish Tattoos

These simple and charming goldfish tattoos will prove there can be more fish tattoos than just Koi fish tattoos!
When it comes to fish tattoos the leader of the pack is the Koi, and while Koi tattoos are totally awesome these adorable goldfish tattoos certainly hold their own. Cute and bold these goldfish tattoos capture the charm of these little fish and put it in ink brilliantly. Interestingly the goldfish is part of the same family as Koi and a few similarities can be seen between the bigger and smaller members of the carp family. First domesticated over a thousand years ago in China the goldfish is one of the most popular family pets and one of the easiest to look after and maintain. so why not celebrate your own goldfish with a kickass gold fish tattoo!
Naturally goldfish tattoos do not have the same presence or effect as that of the Koi but they nevertheless make some great tattoos and are definitely a tattoo you can enjoy. So take a look at these adorable goldfish tattoos and see why there is more to fish tattoos than just the Koi!!
Goldfish Tattoo by Brett Hayes
Goldfish Tattoo by Mike Connors
Goldfish Tattoo by Fabio Martignoni
Goldfish Tattoo by Henning Forster
Goldfish Tattoo by Jacob Wiman
Goldfish Tattoo by Kevin Cayley
Goldfish Tattoo by Mike Connors
Goldfish Tattoo by Nomi Chi
Goldfish Tattoo by Pari Corbitt
Goldfish Tattoo by Yushi Horikichi
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