10 Awesome Satellite Tattoos

10 Awesome Satellite Tattoos

Thousands of satellites are orbiting our earth, some active, and some disused. Drift through space with these interesting satellite tattoos!
Satellites are artificial objects that we have placed intentionally into orbit. The very first satellite was Sputnik 1, launched into space by the Soviet Union in 1957.

They make for detailed and intricate tattoos, often coupled with colourful space scenes. As a tattoo image, they can represent an interest in space, or a symbol for mankind's progression, technology, surveillance and much more.
Awesome satellite tattoo by Instagram @winstonthewhale.
Sputnik watercolour tattoo by Instagram @therawcanvas.
Sputnik Satellite by Instagram @ladvtattoos.
Colour satellite tattoo by James Artink (Instagram @james_artink).
Satellite by Spencer Harrington (Instagram @harringtontattoo).
Satellite tattoo by Carlos Cruz (Instagram @deadbeat88).
Full sleeve tattoo by Dave Norton (Instagram @chronicdanger).
Traditional satellite by Instagram @chadisrad.
Dotwork abstract satellite by Instagram @bartosz_suszko.
Rocket and satellite tattoo by James Hunter. Photo from Instagram @James Hunter.