10 Badass Tattoos That Prove Nerds Are Awesome

10 Badass Tattoos That Prove Nerds Are Awesome

These 10 badass tattoos that prove nerds are awesome are a mixture of cleverness, intelligence, expertise & wit. Who said Nerds are boring?
In the dictionary, the word NERD is defined as someone who is socially awkward, boring & unstylish who know nothing but to devote their time to intellectual/academic pursuits.
But we say Nerds are awesome and they're misunderstood.
Have you ever felt misunderstood?
On a positive note, A nerd is someone who is a single-minded expert in a particular technical field, skill or hobby. It's time that we use the term "Nerd" positively!
This awesome 3D cosmic tattoo is for Astronomy nerds! via @jesse_rix
This one's for the Math nerds! Cool new school Nerd Tattoo by Dan Se7en
Here's a Gestalt Therapy-themed tattoo by Nick Baxter that only Psychology nerds will understand.
Here's a mind-blowing hyperrealistic joystick tattoo by Niki Norberg for all the gaming nerds out there!
And a three-dimensional DNA tattoo for Science Nerds! Done at Black Ink Studio
There are also comic book nerds... who own a library full of colorful graphic novels! Tattoo Artist unknown
Here's a pretty book tattoo for bookworms aka book nerds! Done at Acos Tattoo.
There are also those nerds who prefer the silence & wandering imagination you can find in books. And poets, authors, writers, literary freaks and bloggers such as I are nerds as well!
This is such a beautiful traditional typewriter tattoo.
As there are those who are hustlers when it comes to codes, chips, circuits and anything about computers! Kudos to them, for it weren't for them, we don't have the technology we're using today!
This one's a Badass black & bold circuit sleeve for techie nerds.
Salute to all the nerds of the world! Keep doing what you're doing, and help make this world a better place for all! Got more Nerdy tattoo suggestions? share them here!
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