10 Beautiful Blindfolded Tattoos

10 Beautiful Blindfolded Tattoos

Too bad that these 10 beautiful blindfolded tattoos can't see how awesome they are!
Put a twist on the traditional gypsy girl by putting a blindfold on her!
Beautiful blindfolded lady tattoo by Bart Andrews
See how weird tattoos bring so much power & evoke different kinds of reactions. That's how I like my tattoos. How about you?
Photo credit: Losingshape.com
Bold & simple traditional blindfolded tattoo by Dennis Gutierrez
Nice dotwork style by Thomas Bates
How dramatic this blindfolded angel in black & gray looks!
Tattoo Artist unknown, please let us know if you do!
Perhaps the most popular blindfolded woman we know is the Lady Justice.
Blindfolded tattoo by Justin Hartman
How about a nice traditional blindfolded horse?
Tattoo by Jelle Nelemans
LUSTITIA, JUSTICIA, or LADY JUSTICE is the roman goddess of Justice (Greek counterpart: Themis). She is the personification of the moral force in Judicial systems.
Brilliant realistic statuesque style of the Lady Justice by unknown artist
The Blindfold represents objectivity. Meaning that Justice is rightfully given without fear or favour, regardless of identity, money, wealth or power.
Beautiful black & gray blindfolded tattoo of lady Justice by Jun Cha
Sometimes a blindfold can mean other things, like being blind to a particular situation, or associated with different kinds of emotions.
Love this highly emotional blindfolded lady tattoo by Jim Sylvia.
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