10 Bloody Executioner Tattoos

10 Bloody Executioner Tattoos

Bold and bloody these executioner tattoos make some deathly ink!
The role of an executioner is pretty simple, they are appointed to carry out a death sentence of a condemned individual. Usually ordered by the state or other legal authority an executioner would perform the ordered execution in a variety of ways, from the hangman's rope to the tried and tested axe. With a mask covering their face the sight of an executioner would surely send chills down anyones spine, although to some an executioner is a cool idea for a tattoo.
Executioner tattoos are often based off of a classic Sailor Jerry image featuring a small cartoon style executioner carrying a bloody axe. A popular Halloween design executioner tattoos are a bold little tattoo that has no set meaning but certainly looks good. Give some time to these executioner tattoos and see why this fearsome little design isn't quite as terrifying as a real executioner.
Executioner Tattoo by Blake Meeks
Executioner Skull Tattoo by Bobby Bosak
Executioner Tattoo by Family First Tattoo
Executioner Tattoo by Jinx Cooper
Executioner Tattoo by Olivia Dawn
Executioner Tattoo by Javier Rodriguez
Executioner Tattoo by Melbourne Tattoo
Executioner Tattoo by Troy Mort
Executioner Tattoo by Nate Daskalos
Executioner Tattoo by Sean Jaundice
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