10 Bright Narwhal Tattoos

10 Bright Narwhal Tattoos

Sea creatures make awesome tattoo designs and these bright narwhal tattoos are testament to that!
One of only two species of whale in the Monodontidae family, the other being the pure white Beluga whale, the narwhal is a medium sized whale with one extraordinary feature; a large tusk! Protruding from an elongated canine tooth the tusk is found on the male narwhal and has become an iconic feature of the narwhal species. Interestingly an estimated 15% of female narwhals also have tusks and one in every 500 male narwhals has two tusks!! Found in the icy Arctic waters around Greenland, Canada, and Russia the narwhal is certainly one of natures most interesting ocean creatures and inspires some bright and crazy narwhal tattoos.
An inspired and somewhat obscure design narwhal tattoos aren't the most popular of sea creature tattoos but they are definitely one of the most impressive. Whether in portrait realism or a more traditional tattoo style narwhal tattoos make for an awesome tattoo. Enjoy!
Narwhal Flower Tattoo by Jamie Allan
Narwhal Skull Tattoo by Paul Nycz
Tattoo by @tomsickotattoo
Tattoo by Christian Lanouette
Narwhal Tattoo by Gary Royal
Narwhal Rose Tattoo by Paul Nycz
Narwhal Tattoo by Jamie Allan
Narwhal Tattoo by Jon Tron
Tattoo by Katie McGowan
Narwhal Tattoo by Sophie Brown
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