10 Chilling Death Note Tattoos of Ryuk The Shinigami

10 Chilling Death Note Tattoos of Ryuk The Shinigami

Bring out your Death Notes and let's get cracking with our favourite shinigami, Ryuk portrayed in these chilling Death Note tattoos.

With all the death gods in the history of animé, Death Note's Ryuk may be one of the most recognizable shinigami among newer viewers. He's not bad either, he did pretty well on Death Note—even giving enough justice to the live-action version of the film with a pretty sick character adaptation. 

Some people seem to be loving Ryuk more than we do, though. Check out their fan tattoos!

Oooh, classy.
by Ink Done Right Tattoo #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
by Ink Done Right Tattoo #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
Done at Primitive Origins Tattoo #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
Primitive Origins Tattoo London #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
Can't forget the apple now, can we?
Hanging out with the main man, Light Yagami.
Chilling silhouette of the winged death god.
Tattoos Illustrate/Instagram #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
Death and Taxes Tattoo #deathnote #RyukTheShinigami #animé
Love me some blackwork in here!
A Shinigami eye.
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