10 Cool and Colorful Watercolor Skull Tattoos

These watercolor skull tattoos come to life with bright, vivid colorful effects!
Certain imagery works perfectly with the style of watercolor tattoos - hearts, flowers, animals, and the best tattoos of all... skulls.

Skull tattoos come in many forms - black and grey is popular execution as it reflects dark themes of morbidity and death. For me, the joy of skull tattoos is being able to mix a potentially negative symbol with bright and happy-inducing color effects.

All hail the watercolor skull tattoo!
Really colorful skull tattoo by Darren Bishop, Glasgow, UK.
Depth in this skull tattoo by Darren Bishop, Glasgow, UK.
Amazing effects in this skull tattoo by Ivana Tattoo Art.
Dotwork, watercolor and black and grey in this tattoo by Jemka Tattoo Art (@jemkatattooart).
I love the sketchy outlines of this watercolor skull by Josie Sexton.
This fox and skull tattoo is really eye-catching, by Justin Nordine.
I love the flowers in this bright tattoo by Koray Karagözler.
Spacey, starry effect in this skull tattoo by Koray Karagözler.
Watercolor effect turns into a serpent - pure genius tattoo by Simona Borstnar.
Loads of detail in this tattoo by Beynur Kaptan - proof that watercolor tattoos can be bold and dark too.