10 Dramatic Gargoyle Tattoos

10 Dramatic Gargoyle Tattoos

Stonework and Gothic architecture inspire some beautiful tattoos. Gargoyle tattoos are one such design...
An architectural feature gargoyles are carved stone figures/grotesques that usually functions as a water spout. Water running from the roof enters the gargoyles spout and is guided off and away from the building. Popularized in Middle Age Europe on large cathedrals gargoyles are fearsome looking creatures carved from stone, usually inspired by birds and mythical beasts gargoyles are much more than a simple water spout and have inspired some amazing tattoos!
Gargoyle tattoos are inspired by the iconic Gothic gargoyles of European architecture and allude to the actual function of the gargoyle with many gargoyle tattoos taking on a black and grey stonework effect. A dark and creative tattoo gargoyle tattoos look fierce and offer some striking body art for anyone brave enough to get one, take a look at these dramatic gargoyle tattoos and see whether you'd take the plunge and get your own body art gargoyle!!
Gargoyle Tattoo Alison Roberta
Gargoyle Tattoo by Austin Maples
Gargoyle Tattoo by Charles DeNise
Gargoyle Tattoo by Daivd Gray
Gargoyle Tattoo by Edwin Shaffer
Gargoyle Tattoo by Eric James
Gargoyle Tattoo by Jason Roberts
Gargoyle Tattoo by Nick Sarich
Gargoyle Tattoo by Shane Bonham
Gargoyle Tattoo by Wesley Sewell
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