10 Fascinating Hermit Crab Tattoos

10 Fascinating Hermit Crab Tattoos

With their colorful shells hermit crabs make fascinating and beautiful tattoos. Whether small or large a hermit crab tattoo looks cool!
Unlike other crustaceans the hermit crab has a soft curved abdomen, hence the protective shell in which it sits. Each hermit crab has its own unique shell as they are empty seashells that have been salvaged by the hermit crab. Inhabiting both shallow coastal waters and the deep dark bottom of oceans there are an estimated 1100 different species of hermit crab! When it comes to hermit crab tattoos then you have plenty of creative licence to make the piece your own.
Hermit crab tattoos are a fun take on crustacean tattoos and make for some great body art. Tattooed best in a bold traditional style hermit crab tattoos could be the ideal filler/finish to a larger traditional piece. A versatile design hermit crab tattoos can really be anything you want, so take a look at these hermit crab tattoos and enjoy some sweet crustacean ink!!
Hermit Crab Tattoo by @miguelmike77
Tattoo by Anna Waychoff
Hermit Crab Tattoo by Chris Evans
Tattoo by Cori James
Hermit Crab Tattoo by Esther De Miguel
Tattoo by Ollie Pinder
Awesome Hermit Crab Tattoo by Andy Dobler
Tattoo by Seung Won Kim
Hermit Crab Tattoo by Sulhong Tattooer
Hermit Crab Tattoo by Tiffany Pitsos
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