10 Fun Hyottoko Tattoos

10 Fun Hyottoko Tattoos

Hyottoko tattoos are frequently tattooed in a bold Japanese style and stay true to Hyottoko's artistic background in Japanese culture.
Hyottoko is a comical character in traditional Japanese theater, portrayed by a mask with a puckered mouth which is skewed to one side Hyottoko is also noted for his white and blue dotted scarf wrapped around his head. Hyottoko tattoos often show Hyottoko breathing fire and this is because the character is blowing fire through a bamboo pipe, hence the skewed and puckered mouth! Interestingly Hyottoko's name comes from two Japanese words, one meaning "fire" and the other "man". In some parts of Japan Hyottoko is even seen as a god of fire!
Great fun these Hyottoko tattoos will have you wanting your own little Hyottoko in no time! Enjoy!!
Hyottoko Tattoo by Dimitri Daleno
Hyottoko Tattoo by Fabio Stazi
Hyottoko Tattoo by Francisco Almeida
Hyottoko Tattoo by Jan Willem
Hyottoko Tattoo by Joe Spaven
Hyottoko Tattoo by Man Yao
Hyottoko Tattoo by Matt Wisdom
Hyottoko Tattoo by Casey Ploof
Hyottoko Tattoo by Rafael Kendi
Hyottoko Tattoo, artist unknown
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