10 Glorious Teapot Tattoos

10 Glorious Teapot Tattoos

Tea drinkers unite and enjoy these glorious teapot tattoos!
The humble teapot dates back hundreds of years and finds its origins in Imperial China, specifically the Yuan Dynasty. A vessel for holding and pouring boiling water or tea the teapot has had countless incarnations but remains a globally recognized item with its common look being that of a pot with a handle and spout. Sometimes seen as a luxury item a teapot can be as extravagant or humble as you like, but when it comes to teapot tattoos the more ornate the better!
Delightfully charming teapot tattoos are simply glorious and are a great tattoo for those wanting to take their love of tea to the next level. A rather elegant and feminine tattoo teapot tattoos look good and sit on the body well, take a look at these teapot tattoos and see why your next tattoo should have a tea theme.
Teapot Tattoo by Cloak and Dagger Tattoo
Tattoo by Hollie West
Tattoo by Inma Lasgambas
Teapot Tattoo by Ivan Antonyshev
Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Tattoo by Jody Dawber
Tattoo by Kristi Walls
Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Teapot Tattoo by Sam Cole
Tattoo by Silje Røe Hagland
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