10 Heroic Tattoos Of The Flash!

10 Heroic Tattoos Of The Flash!

Superheroes make awesome tattoos and these tattoos of the Flash are some of the most heroic!
With super speed and enhanced reflexes the Flash can seemingly violate the laws of physics and does so with style. Donned in a red costume and brandishing a bold lightning bolt on his chest the Flash is an iconic superhero and recognizable to any comic fan. Although unlike many other superheroes the Flash has been the hero identity of four different people. Jay Garrick, Barry Allen, Wally West and Bart Allen have all at different times put on the costume and been the Flash! So the question is which of the four Flash's will your tattoo be of??
The Flash tattoos are a cool comic inspired tattoo that makes some bold body art and shows your love of the DC universe. if you're feeling a superhero tattoo maybe for you then these tattoos of the Flash will certainly inspire you!!
Flash Tattoo by Billy Bubbles
Flash Tattoo by Dane Grannon
Flash Tattoo by Mark Durhan
Flash Tattoo by Mat Lapping
Flash Tattoo by Rachel Ritchie
Flash Tattoo by Rodrigo Perna Gimenez
Flash Tattoo by Russell Van Schaick
Flash Tattoo by Calvin Von Crush
Flash Tattoo by Stormin Norman
Flash Tattoo by Stormin Norman
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