10 Lovely & Dreamy Cinderella Tattoos

10 Lovely & Dreamy Cinderella Tattoos

Let these 10 lovely & dreamy cinderella tattoos take you back to childhood. Back to when dreams, magic & love rule our young hearts. <3
We all know that Cinderella is the heroine of the tale---a beautiful & humble servant girl of two evil stepsisters & stepmother who, despite of their cruelty, she unconditionally treated with kindness.
Love this version of Cinderella by Cammiyu
"A Dream is a Wish your Heart makes when you're fast asleep"
Dreamy Cinderella Tattoo by Paula Castle, Nevermore Tattoo
This was the dress her animal friends labored with love for her to wear at the ball. It was her mother's. Unfortunately, her evil stepsisters & stepmother ruined it so she wouldn't go! Freakin' cruel! >:-( Love this dainty Cinderella dress.
Tattoo by Unknown Artist. Please let us know if you do! Photo credit: Biagostattoogallery.com
But of course, those who possess pure & kind hearts are rewarded. :-) And so Cinderella's fairy godmother came to the rescue!
Cinderella's fairy godmother tattoo
Cinderella's loyal friends til the end. Tattoo by London Reese
Brilliant sparkling Cinderella Glass slipper tattoo by Tyler Malek. The shoe that every girl dreams of owning!
"Have Courage &amp; Be Kind. Where there is Kindness, there is Goodness. Where there is Goodness, there is Magic!"
Sparkling magical Cinderella slipper Tattoo by Alayna Magnan
Oh magical carriage, please take me to an enchanting place..... *swoons*
Magical carriage tattoo
Cool & wacky Cinderella tattoo by Alex Strangler!
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