10 Mighty Ant Tattoos

10 Mighty Ant Tattoos

They may be small but ants are not to be underestimated. Industrious and strong ants are rather mighty and these ant tattoos show it!!
There an estimated 22,000 species of ant, of which around 12,500 have been recognized and documented. So if you're after an ant tattoo you have plenty of different routes to go. Across the world ants are known for their industrious nature and incredible strength for their size. Able to carry things more than double their own body weight ants are renowned for living and working in colonies and have become a symbol of cooperation and hard work. Ant tattoos embody this productive nature and are seen to represent hard work and productivity.
A striking and bold design ant tattoos look awesome in a traditional or realistic style and simply make some great body art. Take some time and checkout these mighty ant tattoos to see why this little insect can create some big ink!
Ant Tattoo by Alessandro Booka
Ant Tattoo by Atena Bazofia
Ant Tattoo by Claire Jones
Ant Tattoo by Essex Alban
Ant Tattoo by Jason Roberts
Ant Tattoo by Kelly Rico
Ant Tattoo by Bob Geerts
Ant Tattoo by Nomada Tattoo
Ant Tattoo by Rian Renteria
Dotwork Ant Tattoo, artist unknown