10 Paper Plane Tattoos That Take You Back To Childhood

10 Paper Plane Tattoos That Take You Back To Childhood

Remember the days when life was as simple as folding paper and flying a plane? These paper plane tattoos will definitely fly you there!
In case you forgot, follow these instructions to make a paper plane.
Tattoo artist unknown. Pls let us know if you do!
Awesome Paper Plane Tattoo that makes you feel nostalgic by Jackie Rabbit.
The world keeps spinning and we keep on dreaming... Satisfy your wanderlust and dare to travel the world!
Tattoo by Nik Hall, Death or Glory Tattoo Parlour.
Paper Plane Tattoos are perfect ideas for dreamers, travelers and those who seek adventure!
Nice motion effect! Paper Plane Tattoo done at BodyRock Tat2.
Makes a memorable and precious matching tattoo for siblings or best friends!
Nice colors on these Paper Plane Tattoos by Ondrash.
How I wish I can also fold myself up and rise above the clouds....
Paper plane tattoo. Artist unknown
If you can travel anywhere in space, where would you go?
Cool Space Paper Plane Tattoo by Ryan Willard
"Intelligence without Ambition is like a Bird without wings"....and we're more capable and better than birds! DARE TO FLY!!!
Tattoo by Natalie in Athens, Greece.
This would be a great place to get a small and subtle paper plane tattoo... on the hand that flies it!
Simple yet awesome dotwork Paper Plane Tattoo by Charlie Horse.
If you could fold yourself up and go anywhere in the world, where would your destination be and why? Hope we awakened the kid in you with these paper plane tattoos! Keep dreamin' & make it happen!
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