10 Powerful Ace Of Spade Tattoos

10 Powerful Ace Of Spade Tattoos

Ace of spade tattoos are associated with rock'n'roll, luck, but also death. The ace of spade is also a special card.
Many ace of spade tattoos are inked as a tribute to the late singer of band Motörhead, Lemmy Kilmister. Indeed, it is a reference to one of their most popular songs. But in general, ace of spade tattoos are linked to punk rock and metal cultures. Some of its esoteric associations is Death, but it is also a powerful card for its owner, and thus, associated with luck, especially by soldiers. It's time to play: would you be badass enough for ace of spade tattoos?
Dotwork Lemmy by Adelfa.
Joker ace by Andrey Svetov.
Badass tribute by Anton Nikitin.
Alice in Wonderland tattoo by Azazel Warszawa.
Detail of a sleeve by James Spencer Briggs.
Cool symbols by Katya Krasnova.
Ace of Spade Catrina by Kolozsvári Csaba.
Spade shaped tree by Oktapus.
Creative piece by Simon Petit-Jean.
Cool caricature by Zeph Green.
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