10 Powerful Bold Tattoos By Mr. Bert Krak

10 Powerful Bold Tattoos By Mr. Bert Krak

These awesome, bold and powerful tattoos by Bert Krak will boost up your inspiration.
Bert Krak is one of the most sought out tattoo artists when it comes to solid, traditional style bold tattooing. He is a tattoo artist from New York who works at Smith Street Tattoo. Aside from being an awesome tattooer, Bert Krak also makes solid tattoo machines for other tattoo artists.
Beautiful chest tattoo by Bert Krak
Full front tattoos by Bert Krak. Some healed some fresh.
Cool hand tattoo by Bert Krak
Beautiful back tattoo by Bert Krak
Cool knee blasters by Bert Krak
Eagle vs. Dragon. Tattoo by Bert Krak
Rock of ages by Bert Krak
Scorpion tattoo by Bert Krak
Panther snake tattoo by Bert Krak
Christ back tattoo by Bert Krak
Check out more of his work on @bertkrak in Instagram. Also have a look at more of his works on their shop's website.
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