10 Precious Pen & Pencil Tattoos

10 Precious Pen & Pencil Tattoos

These beautiful Pen & Pencil tattoos are proof of the moving power of written words. Writers, poets and artists, these are for you. Enjoy!
Here's a pair of MontBlanc 149s with a bottle of Sheaffer Peacock blue as homage to the wearer's uncle done by Adam Perjatel, South Shore Tattoos
Isn't it awesome how a grand artwork starts with an imperfect pencil sketch? Awesome tattoo by unknown artist. Pls let us know if you do!
Tools of the trade. Which one do you use most? Awesome pen & pencil tattoos placed perfectly on the hand!
So that the pencil won't ever fall off.....
Mind-blowing realistic Pencil tattoo piece by Julio Morales. I'm so tempted to take it off! lol
Ahh, the vintage fountain pen. Have you guys ever tried one? Inking is fun!
Sad thing is, our favorite pencils can't stay with us forever. But they leave the best marks! Awesome realistic Pencil Tattoo by Tomas Tofi Torfinski
Remember the bendable pencils back in the day?! I used to get so fascinated by one!
WORD OF ADVICE FOR WRITERS, POETS & ARTISTS: Never Quit. :-) Keep the creativity flowin'. You'll never know how powerful you can become!
Got writing/art-inspired tattoos such as these cool pens and pencils? Share them with us & feel free to tell us the meaning behind them. Happy writing & sketching, guys! May the fire in you keep burnin'!
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