10 Supreme Sketch Style Tattoos

10 Supreme Sketch Style Tattoos

Lots of lines: broken, uneven & splashes of color everywhere! If you're for this style, you'll love these 10 stunning sketch style tattoos!
Sketch Style Tattoo portraits with a hint of color by Peter Aurisch.
Beautiful Sketch Style tattoo with a touch of geometric abstraction by Minervas Linda.
Black & Bold Sketch Style tattoo perfectly placed on the hands by Lukas Zglenicki.
The classic villainess Medusa done sketch & watercolor style by Petra Hlaváčková
Erotic sketch style piece by Lea Nahon.
Sketch style tattoo with some poppy geometrics by Barbara Kiczek
Some twist to the traditional cardinals placed on either side of the chest by Matty Nox
Awesome how these groovy doodles turn into an image! Cool Sketch style tattoo by Andrzej Kaczmarek
Awesome brush stroke effects on this sketch style tattoo by Ael Lim!
and lastly, a whimsical fox & bunny sketch style chest piece by Nomi Chi.
How do you guys feel about Sketch style tattoos? Did you find your favorite sketch style artist? Share with us your views & tattoos! :-)
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