10 Sweet, Sparkly & Girly Tattoos by Linnea Pecsenye

Sweet, feminine colors, sparkling, bright & bold are Linnea Pecsenye's trademark when it comes to girly tattoos. <3
Sparkly sky and bold flowers on this one...
Linnea Pecsenye is a Chicago native. She started tattooing in 2009.
Sweet cake by Linnea Pecsenye
Pecsenye's works are typically inspired by transfeminism, fantasy, occult magic, & vintage toys in bright & bold traditional style.
Beautiful placement for a Linnea Pecsenye tattoo matched with a pair of pretty shoes! <3
Girly pizza tattoo
Linnea Pecsenye's tattoos are not just cute & pretty, they're eccentric, yummy and has a twist of humor as well!
Ahhh this mint ice cream is so inviting!!! Tattoo by Linnea Pecsenye
Apart from tattooing, Linnea spends her free time painting, sewing, playing music & relaxing with her partner & pet.
Linnea work is appointment-based only and you can catch her working at Integrity Alliance Tattoo in Asheville, NC.
Girly tattoo
By Linnea Pecsenye
Linnea Pecsenye's works are truly delightful & magical.
Linnea Pecsenye looks just as beautiful as her works! <3 Would love to get a tattoo from her someday! <3
To see more work from Linnea, for bookings & inquiries visit her website