10 Timeless Crying Heart Tattoos

10 Timeless Crying Heart Tattoos

A classic design from the early days of western creates these crying heart tattoos that certainly stand out from the crowd.
Popularized at the start of the twentieth century when western tattooing was finding its feet the crying heart tattoo design was a popular tattoo that has certainly stood the test of time. A design often attributed to legendary tattoo artist Bert Grimm the crying heart tattoo has had a resurgence over the last couple of years and today stands as a favorite of any traditional ink lover. Bold and expressive crying heart tattoos are sometimes interpreted as a symbol of a broken heart and love affair that no longer burns as bright but they don't always have to carry any emotional meaning.
A great little design crying heart tattoos are a solid option for a filler tattoo and add something to any traditional piece they are included in, such as a sleeve. Have a look at these timeless crying heart tattoos and see why this classic design is still going strong after a century of popularity!!
Crying Heart Tattoo by Christian Lanouette
Crying Heart Tattoo by Heart And Soul Tattoo
Crying Heart Tattoo by Justin Cochran
Crying Heart Tattoo by Lars Becker
Crying Heart Tattoo by Marc Jackson
Crying Heart Tattoo by Matthew Houston
Crying Heart Tattoo by Nate Hudak
Crying Heart Tattoo by Nick Oaks
Crying Heart Tattoo by Siobhan Creedon
Crying Heart Tattoo by True Colors Tattoo
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