10 Tough Sailor Skull Tattoos

10 Tough Sailor Skull Tattoos

When nautical style meets skulls you get tough and hardy sailor skull tattoos!
Nautical themes and skulls are two classic subjects and date back to the earliest days of western tattooing. Bringing together these themes sailor skull tattoos have become a popular skull design and create some awesome old school tattoo style. Most frequently tattooed in a bold traditional style sailor skull tattoos take the iconic skull image and throw in a sailor's hat, and occasionally a pipe for good measure, to create a deathly nautical tattoo.
Sometimes seen as a design symbolizing a sailor's death or the perils of the sea, sailor skull tattoos are a great tattoo choice for anyone after an old school skull but they offer a little more character than the usual skull designs. Take a look at these tough sailor skull tattoos and feel those maritime vibes!
Sailor Skull Tattoo by Adam Lauricella
Sailor Skull Tattoo by Bradley Delay
Tattoo by Chris Lambert
unknown artist
Tattoo by Gaz Potter
Tattoo by Mariano Fabrizio
Sailor Skull Tattoo by Olivia Dawn
Tattoo by Tiago Cavalcanti
Tattoo by Gianluca Artico
unknown artist
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