10 Vibrant Piranha Tattoos

10 Vibrant Piranha Tattoos

Piranha tattoos put this snappy little fish in ink and turn it into some colorful body art.
Inhabiting the freshwater rivers of South America the piranhas reputation goes far beyond its home continent. Across the world piranhas are known for their razor sharp teeth, powerful jaws and unrivalled hunger for meat, truly fearsome little piranhas are not something to mess with. Part of the piranha legend, they can devour humans and animals as large as cattle in seconds and craze meat, interestingly this is not true of all piranhas and such claims fit more specifically with the red-bellied piranha. However piranhas are not likely to attack anyone.. well only when water levels are low and food is scarce, piranha might get angry.
Of course piranhas are still not fish you should really get too close to, but if you're dying to get your fill of piranhas why not get a piranha tattoo! Enjoy these piranha tattoos and feel the love for a fearsome little fish with quite the reputation!
Piranha Tattoo by Daniel Lya
Piranha Tattoo by Dima Waelbeke
Piranha Tattoo by Marty McEwen
Piranha Tattoo by Pauly Lingerfelt
Piranha Tattoo by Vince Genois
Piranha Tattoo by Silvia Brigatti
Piranha Tattoo by Trash Haus
Piranha Tattoo by Victor Gonzalez
Piranha Tattoo by Vince Genois
Piranha Tattoo, artist unknown
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