11 Monstrous Kraken Tattoos

11 Monstrous Kraken Tattoos

A mythological sea dwelling beast like no other the Kraken is something to be feared and these Kraken tattoos put that fear in ink!
The Kraken is a legendary sea monster that has a history dating back to the 12th century. Associated most strongly with the folklore of Norway and Greenland, the Kraken is said to dwell in the ocean depths and drag ships and sailors to their doom. Countless variations of the Kraken and its folklore exist but the Kraken is commonly depicted as a giant octopus/squid like creature capable of destroying and sinking the largest of sea vessels. For centuries people have looked for evidence of the Kraken's existence with the most likely origins of the Kraken legend being from sailors sightings of giant squids and the exaggerated stories they fueled.
Yet, despite the fact that the Kraken is likely nothing more than a mythological beast passed down in folklore and legend it still makes some amazing tattoos. Kraken tattoos are large and impressive, frequently portraying a large squid/octopus creature attacking a ship Kraken tattoos are a fearsome choice of body art and look totally awesome! Checkout these Kraken tattoos and feel the fear for this ocean dwelling leviathan.
Kraken In A Bottle Tattoo by Ricky McGee
Kraken Tattoo by Andrew McNally
Tattoo by Chris Campbell
Tattoo by Deborah Necci
Tattoo by George Campise
In Progress Kraken Tattoo by Stephanie Flannery
Tattoo by Jordyn Smithson
Tattoo by Roberto Poliri
Tattoo by Sam Sea
Tattoo by Spencer Harrington
artist unknown
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