12 Delightful Walrus Tattoos

12 Delightful Walrus Tattoos

With its large tusks the walrus is a great tattoo subject, take a look at these delightful walrus tattoos and see why!
Inhabiting the North Pole and Arctic Ocean the walrus is a beast of a sea mammal with recognizable whiskers and tusks, not to mention their physical presence, an adult walrus can weight up to 4,4000 lbs! A relatively long living animal walrus' spend most of their lives in shallow waters and on sea ice, an important part of arctic marine life walrus' have also had great cultural significance. Among indigenous arctic peoples the walrus features in many folklore legends and its skin and tusks were often used in ceremonial contexts.
A large and distinctive animal walrus' make for a striking tattoo and often include some creative exaggeration, for instance a walrus in a sailors hat is a popular design. Checkout these great walrus tattoos and sea why this arctic mammal is a delightful tattoo subject!
Dotwork Walrus Tattoo by Lawrence Edward
Walrus Hand Tattoo by Bjorn
Walrus Tattoo by Chad Williams
Walrus Tattoo by Angelina Krivi
Awesome Walrus Tattoo by Dan Molloy
Walrus Tattoo by Brian Povak
Walrus Tattoo by Daniel Gensch
Fun Walrus Tattoo by Dmitriy Yakovlev
Walrus Tattoo by Kilian Poten
Walrus Tattoo by Malin Thulin
Walrus Tattoo by Torie Wartooth
artist unknown
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