12 Enchanting Harp Tattoos

12 Enchanting Harp Tattoos

Stylish and enchanting these harp tattoos make some beautiful body art!!
First popularized in the age of antiquity around 3500 BCE the harp was an instrument of choice in Asia, Europe and Africa. Hitting its peak popularity in Middle Age Europe and the height of the Renaissance the harp was seen as an elegant instrument that was both appealing to the eyes and the ears. Harps today come in all shapes and sizes and some even come in the shape of a kickass tattoo!
Harp tattoos take this classic instrument and create some enchanting and colorful tattoos. Not just a tattoo for music loves harp tattoos have a real good look to them that makes them perfect for anyone after an eye-catching tattoo. Enjoy these harp tattoos and let the classy ink both inspire and please!!
Harp Tattoo by Erin Odea
Harp Tattoo by Jessica Jordan Kreh
Harp Tattoo by Josh Persons
Harp Tattoo by Julie VanderLaan
Harp Tattoo by Lars Becker
Harp Tattoo by Lola Winckelmann
Harp Tattoo by Luke Martin
Harp Tattoo by Nathan Rawlings
Harp Tattoo by Phil Collison
Harp Tattoo by Ray Alfano
Harp Tattoo by Ricardo Garcia
Harp Tattoo by Suzy Yorke
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