12 Graphic, Poppy & Sketch Style Tattoos By Barbara Kiczek

12 Graphic, Poppy & Sketch Style Tattoos By Barbara Kiczek

Barbara Kiczek's bright and bold tattoos are freaking amazing! Learn more about her and prepare to get stunned at these colorful tattoos!
Barbara Kiczek works at Sauron Tattoo in Ruda Slaska, Poland.
Kiczek is known for her bright & bold graphic tattoos, just like this awesome comic style Green lantern tattoo!
Comic style Green lantern tattoo
Her style also looks sketched up... combined with a touch of pop culture & modern graphic layouts.
Graphical tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
WOW, indeed! Beautiful Poison Ivy tattoo by Barbara Kiczek.
Her style is reminiscent of a modern poppy comic book. With some halftones, geometric shapes and heavy blacks in contrast of bright colors.
Colorful cupcake tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
The strawberry looks really delightful. Just another awesome work by Barbara Kiczek.
Barbara Kiczek also does surreal geometric portraits, this one she entitled "Teal Tears".
Barbara Kiczek's art will really make you think, as it is both visually and mentally stimulating.
Abstract tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
Stunning tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
Awesome tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
Tattoo by Barbara Kiczek
Got a Barbara Kiczek tattoo? Share it with us & get featured! She's a new female tattoo artist fave! To see more of her awesome works, follow her on Instagram: @Barbara_Kiczek
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