12 Mighty Mjolnir Tattoos

12 Mighty Mjolnir Tattoos

Mjolnir tattoos are inspired by one of the most feared weapons in all of time and history, the hammer wielded by Norse thunder god Thor.
Crafted by dwarven brothers Sindri and Brokkr Mjolnir is better known as the hammer of Thor, the Norse god of thunder, lightning and storms. Recognizable by its short handle, the result of a mishap in its creation, Mjolnir is also noted for its immense power. Said to be lifted by only those that are worthy Mjolnir has the power to level mountains and returns to the wielder when thrown, much like a boomerang. At the height of the Viking Age amulets of Mjolnir were a common decoration and included intricate patterns. The image of Mjolnir most people are familiar with today comes from the Marvel Universe and the superhero depiction of Thor.
Mjolnir tattoos thereafter can go one of two ways, they can either follow the traditional Viking image or take on the comic book look, either way you're gonna end up with a kickass tattoo. Bold and mighty these Mjolnir tattoos will impress and intimidate.
Mjolnir Tattoo by @rassel_snow
Mjolnir Tattoo by Almagro Tattooer
Mjolnir Tattoo by Harry James Goodwin
Mighty Mjolnir Tattoo by @ukolov_tattoo
Mjolnir Tattoo by Blame Max Tattoo
Mjolnir Tattoo by Eric Kaplan
Small but Mighty Mjolnir Tattoo by Alexander Voron
Mjolnir Tattoo by Dane Burton
Mjolnir Tattoo by Craig Holmes
Mjolnir Tattoo by Gunnar V
Mjolnir Tattoo by Jake Thorsell
Mjolnir Tattoo by Monkey Bob
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