12 Protective Tengu Tattoos

12 Protective Tengu Tattoos

These Tengu tattoos inspired by a legendary creature from Japanese folklore will make you want to have your own Tengu design!
Tengu, (meaning 'heavenly dog'), are traditional supernatural creatures from Japanese mythology and folklore that are often considered as Shinto Gods. Within Buddhism the Tengu was seen as a demon or bringer of war, but overtime their symbolism shifted to a more positive nature and they are instead seen as the protectors of mountains and forests. The traditional image of a Tengu was a monstrous bird like a creature with a long beak. The anthropomorphized Tengu has a red face with a long nose. It has become the most popular of two depictions.
Tengu tattoos often take the form of the red faced anthropomorphized Tengu.  Done in a bold and classic Japanese style Tengu tattoos look awesome. Take a look at these Tengu tattoos and see whether a Tengu tattoo is a possibility for you!
Tengu Tattoo by Andrew McNally
Tengu Tattoo by Caterina Molin
Tengu Tattoo by Davee Blows
Tengu Tattoo by Bas
Tengu Tattoo by El Tanque Tattooer
Tengu Tattoo by Elisa Carisi
Tengu Tattoo by Hot Rod Tattooing
Tengu Tattoo by Koji Ichimaru
Tengu Tattoo by Joel Madberg
Tengu Tattoo by Rob Mopar
Tengu Tattoo by Shu-Shushu
Tengu Tattoo by William Yoneyama
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