12 Stunning Sketch Style Tattoos By Lukas Zglenicki

12 Stunning Sketch Style Tattoos By Lukas Zglenicki

Prepare to be amazed and get to know Lukas Zglenicki, a tattooer from Poland known for his bold, clean and unique sketch style tattoos.
Lukas Zglenicki works at Cykada Tattoo in Sopot, Poland.
He is known for his unique sketch style tattoos that look like pencil (sometimes ink) sketches with shadings of graphite...but are really tattoos!
Looks simple to the eyes, but this style requires the same time, effort, discipline & skill to execute. Amazing galactic sketch style bear by Lukas Zgelnicki.
What's awesome about him is his versatility in subjects---from sketchy portraits to animals and other nature-inspired themes with a hint of color & abstraction.
I particularly love the surreal sketch style portraits of Lukas Zgelnicki.
His style is incredible and hard to explain!
Wonder how Lukas Zgelnicki tattoos. Would love to visit him in Poland in the future!
Check out this floral rooster done Lukas Zgelnicki style. There's always a touch of madness in his works!
Bold & simple sketch style blackwork on the chest by Lukas Zgelnicki.
A different approach to the traditional crow tattoo.
Strong, clean & bold. That's the kind of tattoo we're looking for. Beautiful placement for a Lukas Zgelnicki tattoo!
Follow Lukas on instagram: @Tai9a or hit him up at lukaszgelnicki@gmail.com for inquiries and bookings. :-)
Got sketch style tattoos? Share them with us & get featured! :-) Hope you enjoyed this blog! Kudos to Lukas Zgelnicki for making the Tattoo industry a better place!
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