12 Sweet Pretty In Pink Tattoos

12 Sweet Pretty In Pink Tattoos

Who loves the color PINK?! Give yourself a boost of color therapy as you delight your sights at these sweet pretty in pink tattoos!
We don't always notice it, but color plays a major role in setting up our moods and state of mind.
Colorful and dominantly pink Santa Muerte tattoo by Remis gives us a feeling of calm.
As everything is made of ENERGY, colors are certain wavelengths of electro-magnetic energy luckily seen through our eyes. Without color, these vibrant tattoos wouldn't be possible!
Pretty floral tattoo by Oleg Turyanskiy.
DID YOU KNOW? There's such a thing as "COLOR HEALING", also known as "CHROMOTHERAPY".
Pretty cherry blossoms tattoo by Victor J Webster
Colors affect the way we perceive. For example, light colors such as pastel pink make a space look bigger. Darker colors make a space look smaller.
Pretty pink Rose Tattoo by Phil Garcia
PINK, in particular, promotes love and calm. This tattoo looks like it's owned by a nice lady. Don't you guys feel that kinda thing?
Pink flower tattoo
The color pink also heals grief and sadness and restores youthfulness.
Cool cherry Skull Tattoo by Jon Von Glahn, Olde Town Tattoo
Arrrgh this cupcake looks so sweet & inviting!!! Tattoo artist unknown.
PINK is associated with softness, tenderness, romance, sexuality, femininity, emotional love & healing... <3
Beautiful pink bird tattoo
Aww, what a cute floral cat tattoo by Chad Lenjer! Cool idea!
Pink hair - don't care! Tattoo by Sherri Dupree
Rose Quartz is a type of Pink quartz crystal that has healing powers itself! Love this intricate piece!
Rose Quartz tattoo
We love pink as much as Barbie does!!! Dazzling realistic Barbie tattoo by Benjamin Laukis
Got pink-coloured tattoos? Share them with us! We'll feature other colors soon! Keep posted!
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