12 Tattoos That Would Fit Right In The Grunge Era

12 Tattoos That Would Fit Right In The Grunge Era

Get your angst on with that sweet Seattle sound, we're bringing back grunge—in tattoos that should have existed already in the grunge era!
by Andrew Surich
The grunge is arguably one of the most era-defining movement in the past century. As commercialised as it is and how you can never really “bring it back,” it's still an incredible period to look back to and draw inspiration from. In those times, there are as much tattoo artists working underground as musicians and they didn't have Instagram then to preserve their glorious years.
Grunge was more than music or style, it was most importantly a movement that was characterised by angst and apathy, the rise of ‘grl pwr,’ a mellow sense of effort and motivation but a strong sense of passion in art and music, and of course, for being the beacon of the burnouts. Those are pretty much a lot like the tattoos by many unknown, talented black workers from different corners of the globe right now and we felt the need to associate them with what could have been—the glory years of tattoos now and of grunge then in one tattoo post.
by Andrew Surich
by skullhed/Instagram
Is there any other fitting pair of knee tattoos than this one?
by clare.frances/Instagram
Cassette tapes were probably all the rage then but trace your roots with good ol' vinyls!
by goodbyetessa/Instagram
And since barbed wires were big in the 90's, gotta do it our way,
by Andrew Surich
And so is grunge, love.
by Emily Alice Johnston
Overused yet ageless grunge icon.
by Curt Montgomery
by Curt Montgomery
Apathy and underachievement.
by Yi Stropky
Feminism was also
by doodle.popo/Instagram
by seanfromtexas
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