15 Adorable Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow tattoos put some joy into your ink! These little birds are often out of favor as they are not as vibrant and fancy as other birds.
With their earth-like colors and small size, they are more discreet. But sparrows are very clever animals, sociable and joyful. Have you ever seen the cunning spark inside their small eyes? Their adorable gangs are the best when it comes to finding food and reign over the gardens. Sparrow tattoos can either pay a tribute to their playful social life or capture their poetic fragility. They connect us with Nature and give an adorable touch to creative ink. Do you have a weakness for these little birds? Then you could be inspired by these charming sparrow tattoos...
Elegant piece by Anna Bravo.
Creative tattoo by Bob Mosquito.
Charming one by Diana Severinenko.
Colorful work by Emma Kerr.
Creative art by Gene Coffey.
Awesome piece by Jaco Abarca!
Sweet beauty by Kamil Czapiga.
Lovely half sleeve by Kylie Gibson.
Great work by Les petits points de Fanny.
Charming piece by Mary Madeleine.
Graphic work by Melanie Steinway.
By Mimissiku.
By Nic Fury.
By Paco Cachadas.
Masterpiece by Shige.