15 Anatomical Heart Tattoos With A Twist

15 Anatomical Heart Tattoos With A Twist

Anatomical heart tattoos are vivid and striking in all styles - from realistic and neo-traditional to dotwork and linework-only tattoos.
It's clear that with an anatomical heart tattoo, the design possibilities are endless. These original, interesting tattoos have merged the symbol of the anatomical heart with other imagery such as animals or human skulls.
The heart is a symbol that transcends all styles, images and concepts... the one thing we all have from birth 'till death.
Bird and heart hybrid by Instagram @zosa_tattooer.
Skeleton heart tattoo by Mitchell Dean (Instagram @xxcoldsoulxx).
Skull and anatomical heart hybrid by Chris Veness, Sydney (Instagram @veness_tattoo).
Anatomical heart and dagger tattoo, photo from Instagram @shock_tattoo_roma.
Winter cabin within anatomical heart by Mel Perlman, Instagram @mizmeltattoos.
Waves make the shape of a heart in this stunning tattoo by Megan Massacre (Instagram @megan_massacre).
A tentacle making the shape of an anatomical tattoo by James Maria, Instagram @jimmy2times13.
Weather addition to this heart makes a stormy tattoo by Heath Rave, Instagram @heathrave.
Beautiful floral shapes and dotwork in this anatomical tattoo by Emma-Louise Dunphy, Instagram @emm.dots.
Floral anatomical heart by Yumbel Góngora (Instagram @corazonentintatatuajes).
Amazing abstract heart tattoo by Chris Rigoni (Instagram @chrisrigonitattooer).
Wings and anatomical heart by Brie Felts (Instagram @briebrutal).
Message in a bottle drifting inside this heart tattoo, from Instagram @black_bear_tattoo.
A truly original anatomical heart, made from other objects, by Instagram @anguishnoplay.
Anatomical heart puppet by Stacey Green, Instagram @_staceygreen.
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