15 Cool Vault Boy Tattoos For All Fallout Fans!

15 Cool Vault Boy Tattoos For All Fallout Fans!

The colorful symbol of Fallout the Vault Boy is an iconic part of Fallout fan culture and these Vault Boy tattoos show it!
Within the Fallout game universe, Vault Boy is the mascot and face of the Vault-Tec corporation appearing on in game posters, adverts, comics and training films. Vault Boy likewise serves as the iconic symbol of in-game stats, perks and skills while also being the representation of a character's in-game actions and survival. Quite simply Vault Boy is the charming face of the Fallout game universe.
Vault Boy Bobblehead Tattoo by @painfulreminders
Vault Boy himself is a young blond haired male dressed in the classic blue and yellow vault suit and aside from serving as a Fallout mascot he inspires some cool and creative tattoos. Vault Boy tattoos take the charismatic charm of the Vault-Tec poster boy and put it on skin. As wild and creative as you like Vault Boy tattoos are definitely worth a looking and will surely entertain any Fallout fans out there!!
Vault Boy Tattoo by Alessandro Contosta
Vault Boy Tattoo by Amy Lynn Colson
Vault Boy Tattoo by Andy Nguyen
Tattoo by Chris 51
Vault Boy Tattoo by Dave Sedano
Tattoo by Jamie Parrish
Tattoo by Austin Hausler
Tattoo by Chris Hill
Tattoo by Jay Muirhead
Tattoo by Jon Potter
Tattoo by Jonnii Guns
Tattoo by Nat G
Vault Boy Tattoo by Paul Thomas
Tattoos by Matt Daniels
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