15 Crisp And Minimalist Hand Poked Tattoos By Indy Voet

15 Crisp And Minimalist Hand Poked Tattoos By Indy Voet

Hand poke tattoo artist Indy Voet creates some of the crispest minimalist tattoos we've ever seen.
Subtle finger tattoos
If you've got a thing for anything minimalist, subtle, and especially hand poked when it comes to tattoos then keep scrolling for Indy Voet. Indy is a hand poke tattoo artist and piercer based in Brussels and Paris. We especially love how crisp and nearly precise his linework is, setting him on par with the likes of Jon Boy of New York. Check out some of our picks among his works below:
Minimalist finger tattoo by Indy Voet
Triangular palm tattoo
Simple tongue tattoo by Indy Voet
Unalome tattoo
Hand seam tattoos
Hand seam tattoos
Hand seams aren't for everyone but if you must, make sure to find tattooists like Indy to do the job for you!
Barbed wire gum tattoo by Indy Voet
Indy has done his fair share of gum tattoos and we're loving his simple designs—piquing our interest in gum tatts.
Minimalist ring tattoo
Crisp finger tattoos
Minimalist gum tattoo
Cobweb ear tattoo
Minimalist side face tattoo
There may be nothing subtle with face tattoos but if there is, this will be it! There's more sweet-looking side face tattoos here.
Simple anchor/heart tattoo
Minimalist gum tattoos
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